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MSN done me wrong

MSN confirmation code 119-646-6023. I canceled my account on February 11, 2013 and MSN charged my bank account $10.77. I called and complained and they said there was nothing they could do. The payment had been made. I said so technically I still have one month to use the system and he said YES but your account is canceled... I was like...WHAT THE WHAT??? He said YES that is true! He said if I had canceled the day it was due…the next day… I would not have been charged…EXSCREW-ME?? Then he gave me some Cock and Bull story about their systems and how they work. I told him to STOP because it was all Crap!! I told him that I would be glad to post all over the internet that MSN is taking advantage of old ladies that have Alzheimer's that are on a fixed income. He said, "OK!!"
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